Park Maintenance

Park Maintenance


8 thoughts on “Park Maintenance

  1. gbemis

    Love this one. From the new yellow rope to the decrepit bleachers on the right, I can feel the years this has been standing. Wonder what miracle juice was in those blue drums?

    1. The Elemental Eye Post author


      Is puttingforparkinsons you? You’re a bit behind in your postings.

      Did Pat get my message that Laura and I are driving to Santa Fe the last week of August and thought we would swing through Steamboat and visit you guys. Will you be around then, are you accepting out-of-town visitors (we’d probably get a motel room so as to not intrude). Let me know.

      1. gbemis

        I am sorry to say that once again we will be out of town. Seems we have a grandchild’s birthday during the third week in August and that will carry us into September.

        The first 19 days we will be cruising the Rhine River from Bern to Amsterdam with Viking Cruise Lines. Just some me and her time

        After August I’m not sure what is cookin? Is the Santa Fey trip pleasure or work, not work?

        Sent from my iPad


      2. gbemis

        Is doing what with PD what?

        We have been working in August, but I am not sure we will even be in town. from the 2nd to the 19th we will be in Germany cruising the Rhine, We get back on the 18th and promptly leave for a grandchild’s birthday on the 21st. It is another Bemis typical August I am’ afraid

        I am so sorry that we could not meet up. Pat and I had such a great time with you and Laura>

        Say, house is thehouse? Suffered any major damage. Boy, but it sure looks likr miserable weather.

        Sent from my iPad Gar >

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