7 thoughts on “Embedded

      1. J

        Me too! At least in photos anyway… Some day I’ll see them in person. Till then … I’ll enjoy your wonderful photos!

      2. Full Circle POV and The Elemental Eye Post author

        I occurs to me, Jen, that you might find my new blog interesting: . It will serve a couple personal purposes, a routine writing practice to hone skills and develop comfort, a place to nurture ideas and a whole-person perspective, and hopefully generate interesting discussions among people who might happen to read the blog. If you have a chance check it out.

        Right now, I’m posting a lexicon that I will always be able to refer people back to. So, I’m doing background work.

      3. J

        Hi there –
        I’d noticed the new name but didn’t notice that there was a new blog attached to it! Thanks for pointing it out. Looks like a ton of GREAT information there — and written so average people like me can understand it. 😀

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